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Skincare - The (not so) Ordinary

May 31, 2017

The Ordinary has been all over the beauty blogosphere for a while now, but if you still haven't heard about them here is a quick low-down on what their all about.

The Ordinary is one of the brands under Deciems umbrella and was founded by skincare enthusiasts who were fed up with the lack of integrity in the beauty industry. They make products with clinically proven ingredients, which many other companies also do, but the difference lies in the presentation and the price of the product.The Ordinary doesn't try to trick you in to believing you've bought a miracle in a bottle, the products are named by what they are and the packaging is free from any marketing fluff. And the price is so low you can almost buy a lifetime supply without breaking the bank.

Before I go in to each of the products I've gotten from them I think it's important to say that because The Ordinary has stripped it all down to the basics it might not be so basic for everyone. If you're new to skincare the products might seem a bit sciencey to you, because the packaging doesn't say anything about what the ingredients actually do, and finding out how and when to use them might require some research. But believe me, it's worth it.

 LACTIC ACID 10% + HA 2%
This is by far my favorite one! After one use this little guy made it in to my holy grail list, it might even be my number one holy grail. First things first; Lactic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid that is great for chemical exfoliation. It breaks up the materials that hold dead skin together and allows your skin to shed naturally, like it did when you were younger. It also helps brighten uneven skin tones and hyper pigmentation. 
My skin is used to acids and actually loves them so I didn't experience any irritation when using this, but if you're new to AHAs there is a 5% version of this that I would recommend you'd start with. I use this in the evenings, it is easy to apply and sinks in to the skin almost immediately but your face can feel a bit sticky right after you've applied it. The smell can also bother some people but I'm used to it (if you've ever used Alpha H liquid gold you know what kind of smell I mean).
 In the mornings after I've used this I can definitely see a difference in my skin; it feels smoother, it looks more even and has a more youthful glow to it. This is also a great dupe for Sunday Rileys Good Genes (which is $158!!!) and you can get it HERE


Hyaluronic Acid can attract up to a thousand times its weight in water which makes it an excellent addition to any skincare regime. Hyaluronic Acid was all the rage a couple of years ago but because of the size of the HA molecule it dosen't penetrate the skin and instead sits on the surface. This formulation on the other hand combines three forms of HA to offer deep hydration and plumping and not just temporary surface hydration.
  I use this both at night and in the morning before my creams. It feels a bit sticky after application but this feeling goes away as it sinks into the skin. My skin feels immediately hydrated, like actually hydrated, and not just on the surface. In addition to that I can also see a difference in the texture of my skin after use, it's both smoother and more "youthful looking" (due to the plumping effect of the hyaluronic acid). This was really a lifesaver for me during the winter as I am prone to dry patches that time of the year. Get yours HERE

Retinoid is like the Rolls Royce when it comes to anti-aging products. It helps with all kinds of things, like boosting the production of collagen, fighting free radicals and in the long run help get rid of wrinkles and dark spots. The side effect though is that Retinoid can cause irritation and redness in the skin. 
The 2% formulation of this one is strong enough to get the effects but without the nasty side effects. But if you haven't used Retinoids before I would still recommend you start easy, maybe just once a week, until your skin gets used to it. My skin can be a bit sensitive but I had no trouble with this one, I can use it every day without getting any side effects. The only thing that was a "problem" was the smell, it isn't the best but it's not so bad that you can't get used to it. The Advanced Retinoid has a milky texture and absorbs quickly on the skin. After use my skin feels softer, smoother and has a subtle glow to it. And to be completely honest I can also see my fine lines getting a bit smaller. If you're thinking about kicking your skincare game up a notch I would highly recommend you try this one. Get it HERE

As I said earlier, The Ordinary is one of the brands under Deciems umbrella, Hylamide is another one. And this last product is from Hylamide. I know This post is supposed to be about The Ordinary but since their from the same "mothership" I thought it would be ok to mention this one to. As the name suggests, this is a blurring "primer", kinda like the Smashbox Photo Finish, but not really, at all. The HA blur uses a new form of Hyaluronic Acid for it's blurring approach and this makes it compatible with all make up and all skin types. You can wear it under or over your make up, or just on it's own. It makes your skin super (and I mean SUPER) soft, minimizes pores and keeps your skin hydrated. This really works! It makes me feel photoshopped. Now, my skin is kinda ok, so I don't wear this every day, but I love it for more special occasions. If you're looking for a good primer I would forget about everything else and get this one, because this is the one, the one that actually works. You can buy it HERE

Overall, I'm really satisfied with what I've bought so far and can't wait to try more from them. I think this is a great brand for anyone who wants to get a bit more into skincare, but doesn't want to spend their whole paycheck on it.

Have you tried anything from The Ordinary or any of the other brands under Deciems umbrella? I would love to get recommendations for what to buy next.

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist and don't have any other schooling when it comes to skincare. I can only refer to personal experience and what I've learnt through a lifetime of trying (and sometimes failing).

Currently Coveting - Zara

May 25, 2017

1. Shirtdress 2. Belted Skirt 3. Midi dress 4. Striped dress 5. Off the shoulder dress 6. Embroidered dress 7. Flower Skirt 8. Striped skirt

I've always loved Zara, the only problem is that Zara doesn't always love me. My body is more on the curvy side; I have big boobs, bigger hips and broad shoulders, but my waist is still kinda small. And this makes shopping at Zara a kind of "hit and miss" experience for me. Sometimes I will find items that fit me just right, but most of what I try (sadly) is a miss. When I finally find something that fits my manshaped shoulders and 50's pinup breast, it's too wide around my waist. Despite this though, I still love Zara. I think it's one of the best places to find cool and affordable new pieces. Specially if you are one the market for a trend piece but don't want to spend a months rent on it.

Above you can see some of the pieces that I am currently coveting from Zara. I especially like the belted skirt and the midi dress. The midi dress is one of those pieces I think might be a miss, but I just really like the structered look of it. I might order it anyway just to see. Also really like the off the shoulder dress, would be a perfect staple for summer.

40.7484N 73.9857W

May 22, 2017

Building on my last post and my love for New York I thought I would show my new necklace. See, when you love something enough you obviously buy a necklace with it's coordinates, right?

I was actually looking for some simple necklaces that I could layer and wear everyday when I stumbled across this one at Baublebar. Needless to say I had to get it. It's simple enough for everyday use, but it also has a special meaning to me because of what's engraved. I got it about two weeks ago and have been wearing it everyday since. Now all I need is a longer one that I can layer with it. I'm kinda thinking about one with a wishbone or just another bar necklace, but I haven't decided yet.

I used to be really in to statement necklaces and bought a lot of them. But the problem was that I would never wear them, as they seem a bit abrasive for everyday life. Or maybe not abrasive but it always felt a bit much when I put them on. Conclusion; statement necklaces are pretty but not for me. I can just continue to admire them from a far I guess.


This time last year

May 21, 2017

Facebook is great for memories you sort of forgotten. Every day I get a new notification about memories on this date last year, the year before and so on. These memories normally just include a funny collection of status updates that I can't believe I ever wrote (you know which ones I'm talking about, we've all been there), but today the notification made my heart ache. On this day last year we were on our way to visit my boyfriend (also known as New York). And this year, well....this year I'm sitting at home in my sweatpants eating chocolate....

You know that craving you get when you haven't had something in a long time, like chocolate for instance, that's the feeling I get when I haven't seen my boyfriend (New York, remember?) for a year. I'm craving, like an addict. We've been four times in four years, which for some people seems like a lot, but for me it's not nearly enough. But I think my husband (the man in the photos, not New York, 'cause you can't marry a city....but if you could I would) is getting a bit tired of going to the same place all the time, but I can't help it. I just don't want to go anywhere else. And I need to go NOW!

Since I'm stuck here though I think I might just eat the rest of my chocolate and watch Friends with Benefits, which coincidentally starts in New York. Also, how great is Justin Timberlake? I kinda liked 'N Sync back in the day but thought he was a bit funny looking (remember that hair?!). But now, talk about a good transformation! 

New Blog, New Look

I've actually been blogging for some years now, but feel like I've outgrown my previous platform. It just didn't feel like me anymore, so I thought I would start from scratch and after a lot of research I landed on blogger as my platform. 

This blog is also gonna be in English and not Norwegian (yeah, I'm from Norway btw and my last blog was in my native language). I feel I can express myself much better in English and my whole family seems to think that I was an American in my past life. They might just be right about that.

I want this blog to be about all the things I have pent-up inside of me, mainly relating to style (therefor the name of the blog) but also my inner thoughts which I don't get to express in my day to day life. And I have a lot of thoughts about pretty much everything.

So stick around, this just might get good.....I sure hope it will anyways.

And if you for some reason want to check out my previous blog you can find it here

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