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Currently Coveting - Zara

May 25, 2017

1. Shirtdress 2. Belted Skirt 3. Midi dress 4. Striped dress 5. Off the shoulder dress 6. Embroidered dress 7. Flower Skirt 8. Striped skirt

I've always loved Zara, the only problem is that Zara doesn't always love me. My body is more on the curvy side; I have big boobs, bigger hips and broad shoulders, but my waist is still kinda small. And this makes shopping at Zara a kind of "hit and miss" experience for me. Sometimes I will find items that fit me just right, but most of what I try (sadly) is a miss. When I finally find something that fits my manshaped shoulders and 50's pinup breast, it's too wide around my waist. Despite this though, I still love Zara. I think it's one of the best places to find cool and affordable new pieces. Specially if you are one the market for a trend piece but don't want to spend a months rent on it.

Above you can see some of the pieces that I am currently coveting from Zara. I especially like the belted skirt and the midi dress. The midi dress is one of those pieces I think might be a miss, but I just really like the structered look of it. I might order it anyway just to see. Also really like the off the shoulder dress, would be a perfect staple for summer.

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