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New Blog, New Look

May 21, 2017
I've actually been blogging for some years now, but feel like I've outgrown my previous platform. It just didn't feel like me anymore, so I thought I would start from scratch and after a lot of research I landed on blogger as my platform. 

This blog is also gonna be in English and not Norwegian (yeah, I'm from Norway btw and my last blog was in my native language). I feel I can express myself much better in English and my whole family seems to think that I was an American in my past life. They might just be right about that.

I want this blog to be about all the things I have pent-up inside of me, mainly relating to style (therefor the name of the blog) but also my inner thoughts which I don't get to express in my day to day life. And I have a lot of thoughts about pretty much everything.

So stick around, this just might get good.....I sure hope it will anyways.

And if you for some reason want to check out my previous blog you can find it here

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