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Jun 28, 2017


I feel like everyone I follow on social media always look good in whatever shaped sunglasses they wear, but for me sunglasses have always been kinda hard. Almost every pair I've ever tried has either been to big for my face or just not flattering (at all). It made me think I just didn't have the face for sunglasses, but I now realize it's because I kept trying on trendy (God I hate that word) ones and not paying attention to what shapes actually suit me.

My first real quality sunglasses were from Ray Ban, I got the classic aviators (a shape that suits almost everyone) and I loved them so much that I got them in three different colors. Well, it's six years later and I think I'm ready to branch out.

Lately I've been really into sunglasses with more of a round lense and I think it's a shape that will suit my face. But I'm still not sure if I should get simple ones like the Ray Bans (9) or more of a statement pair like the ones from Tom Ford (10). What do you guys think? 😎


Weekly thoughts and reads

Jun 25, 2017

Since I spend a lot of time surfing the internet, browsing both interior and fashion (but also reading various articles about pretty much everything) I thought I'd make a weekly post with my thoughts and finds for that week. So this will be the first in what I hope will be a long series of posts.
I was actually supposed to post this on Friday, but because I got distracted you're getting it today instead.

This week has been a wet one. A part from Friday (which is why I was distracted) it's been raining nonstop! Now I actually like the rain, because I think it creates a real cozy "stay in and cuddle" vibe, but not for summer and not every day - all day long. All though it has done wonders for the plants on our deck (I've just gotten into planting and really love it).

One good thing that came from all the rain though was having time to paint our master bedroom. My husband wasn't thrilled when I told him what I'd done and the reason for that was not because I painted it in an obnoxious color (I chose a neutral grey color), but because it's the fourth time I've painted it in three years and he thinks I'm a bit craycray. But I hope he'll like the new color when he comes home and sees it, if not then that's just too bad (haha) because I like it.

Painting the bedroom also meant I had to shop for new curtains, art, nightstands and bedding. I'm really trying to incorporate more color into our home, and I really like the Kate Spade New York color pallet. Colors make me happy and I'm just sick of trying to follow the neutral home trend. I will show you the end result when I'm done, but first I have to make both Pinterest boards and Photoshop collages to decide on what look to go for (but if you want to see the collages just comment below and I'll make a post).

I've also started a Ikea hack project which I'm looking forward to finishing next week (that's when the husband comes back home, and because I'm such a girl I kinda need his help🙈). There will be a post about it when I'm done, so stay tuned for that.

Lastly I've reorganized my walk-in for the hundredth time and I'm really loving it. It flows so much better now and it's actually also helped me get some much needed outfit inspiration. I am planing to do outfit posts on the blog (for those thinking the title of the blog is a bit misleading), but as I said; it's been raining for a week. And I need help taking the pictures, which is another job for the husband.

Oh wait, I have one last thing on my mind. I've been thinking about cutting my hair to a long bob. Now, this happens every time I try to grow my hair; I get bored and want to cut it short again, so this time I'm holding out to see if the urge to cut it will pass. But if it doesn't....hello short hair! Either way though I've also been think about adding some lowlights to it, because right now it looks a bit to blonde and also kinda yellow. Just need to tone it down a bit. And who knows, maybe that's enough to stop me from cutting it.

Now for this weeks list of reads and loves

We're going on vacation when my husband comes home and I'm hoping this will include a trip to our capitol (Oslo) because I have two things on my wishlist that need to get of the list and into my closet.   These sandals and this belt.

I love Kate Spade and when they launched their home collection last year(?) I fell in love with it instantly. Unfortunately that don't ship to Norway tho, but the collection still makes for great inspiration for my new bedroom. This blogpost about their pop up shop in New York displays the collection beautifully.

Ikea just launched the ULTIMATE cooking hack. Seriously. Read about it here

Inspirational quotes to lift you up when you're feeling down.

This planter has been on my wishlist for some time now, but even with my tax return I'm hesitant to get it. Will I love it or is it just a crush?

Saved this post for when the rain stops and the temperature rises. Looking forward to upping my cold brew game.

Just ordered this necklace from Etsy, and I think it's gonna be a great layering piece. Crossing my fingers that it arrives before we leave for our vacation.

I'm not good with doing blog design so I really love when people make custom templates. My current design is made by the basic page, but I also really like these designs.

Hope you all had a great week and an even better weekend!🍸

Ikea - friend or foe?

Jun 21, 2017

I think for a lot of people Ikea is first and foremost a great place for students and renters, because they offer good looking furniture at a reasonable price. But Ikea is actually a great place for any homeowner who wants to spruce up their home with cool furniture and decor, you just have to know how to shop for the right things.

As a person who loves both fashion, beauty and interior I have to choose wisely where my money goes, seeing as all these things can cost you about a months rent. And because of that I really love shopping at Ikea. It's where I find those standout pieces for our home, without having to sacrifice all the other things on my wishlist.

I also love going to Ikea simply for inspiration. I think the people that work there are really good at updating the displays and keeping them current. 

I do however agree that some of the very cheap pieces are just that, very cheap. But as I said, you need to know how to shop, because you can also find good items that can look more expensive with some good styling. Why pay more when you can get the same look for less, right? It’s also important to look at what materials the furniture is made from. This is an all-round dealbreaker. It’s like shopping for fashion pieces in retail stores, you have to look for pieces made from good sustainable materials. It’s what makes the furniture look and feel more expensive.

//Ikea in many ways brought modern design to the average people, making it possible for them buy pieces that they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. // photos from

We have a lot of furniture from Ikea, and my walk-in and our kitchen (which I screwed together myself) is also Ikea. Still, when people come visit and ask about the furniture and I tell them "it's from Ikea", they're all equally surprised. 
I can understand that people don't want their home to be filled with just Ikea furniture (or no, actually I'm lying...I don't really understand, but I know a lot of people feel this way) but if you style it right your home can look modern and chic without screaming Ikea.

Ikea pieces are also very easy to hack (if you want to tweak them a little or just make them more your style), and you can find a lot of great tourtorials on the subject over on Pinterest

As you probably have guessed already in the beginning of this blogpost, I love Ikea. I know what to buy and what to pass on, and I understand what I'm getting (i.e you get what you pay for), and as long as I'm aware of that I don't understand the problem. I also really enjoy putting the furniture together, might be because of my love for puzzles when I was younger, but it also gives me a sense of accomplishment.

So, what is Ikea to you? Friend? Or foe? An if foe, why?

Small Leather goods

Jun 19, 2017

Since I favor smaller bags I’ve been after a cardholder for some time now. My Kate Spade wallet  (all though I love it) takes up almost all of my bag and doesn’t leave much room for everything else that is (un)nessacery to carry around with me.
 I’ve had this cardholder from Saint Laurent bookmarked for months now but haven’t yet taken the leap to buy it, see as I have about 138 other things bookmarked as well and can't decide what to buy and what to leave. So when my husband gave me this for my birthday last month I was obviously beside myself with joy.

 The cardholder has four cardslots plus one in the middle for extra cards or some cash. It’s perfect for a smaller bag or if you’re just going on a coffee run. It also has the old YSL logo in gold on the front, which I love. 

It took me about two days before I actually put my cards in it though. Just kept looking at it and occasionally smelling it. I just love the smell and look of new unworn leather (I can’t be the only one, right?) I don't have anything in the fifth slot, because I don't carry any cash, but I suspect it will fill up with receipts and bonus cards eventually.

Last week when I went in to town to do some errands I left my handbag at home and just took this little guy, and it was kinda freeing. Don’t get me wrong, I love carrying my handbag because it carries my whole world, but sometimes you don't need your whole world with you (did I really just write that?!) and it’s a bit of a hassle going through it when you’re in a hurry at the cash register.

I will probably take my wallet with me from time to time, but for now the cardholder is my new sidekick. But because I'm curious, what do you guys prefer? Cardholder or wallet?

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