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Jun 19, 2017

Since I favor smaller bags I’ve been after a cardholder for some time now. My Kate Spade wallet  (all though I love it) takes up almost all of my bag and doesn’t leave much room for everything else that is (un)nessacery to carry around with me.
 I’ve had this cardholder from Saint Laurent bookmarked for months now but haven’t yet taken the leap to buy it, see as I have about 138 other things bookmarked as well and can't decide what to buy and what to leave. So when my husband gave me this for my birthday last month I was obviously beside myself with joy.

 The cardholder has four cardslots plus one in the middle for extra cards or some cash. It’s perfect for a smaller bag or if you’re just going on a coffee run. It also has the old YSL logo in gold on the front, which I love. 

It took me about two days before I actually put my cards in it though. Just kept looking at it and occasionally smelling it. I just love the smell and look of new unworn leather (I can’t be the only one, right?) I don't have anything in the fifth slot, because I don't carry any cash, but I suspect it will fill up with receipts and bonus cards eventually.

Last week when I went in to town to do some errands I left my handbag at home and just took this little guy, and it was kinda freeing. Don’t get me wrong, I love carrying my handbag because it carries my whole world, but sometimes you don't need your whole world with you (did I really just write that?!) and it’s a bit of a hassle going through it when you’re in a hurry at the cash register.

I will probably take my wallet with me from time to time, but for now the cardholder is my new sidekick. But because I'm curious, what do you guys prefer? Cardholder or wallet?

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