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Days of Summer

Jul 31, 2017

Dress - Tommy Hilfiger // Bag - Saint Laurent // Sunglasses - Ray Ban // Bracelets -Hermés

Happy Monday!

It's been a second, but for the last two weeks we've actually been experiencing summer for the first time this year, so you naturally my days have not been spent linked to my computer. When you live in the northern parts of Norway you're not as lucky as the rest of the country and two weeks of summer (temperature wise) is actually pretty normal. But when the weather is on our side there's nothing like it. The midnight sun is magical, you never want to go to bed. It's when I love my city the most!

Nordstrom Sale Picks

Jul 15, 2017
One HERE // Two HERE // Three HERE // Four HERE // Five (love!!!) HERE // Six HERE // Seven HERE // Eight HERE // Nine HERE // Ten HERE // Eleven HERE // Twelve HERE // Thirteen (omg!!) HERE // Fourteen HERE // Fifteen HERE // Sixteen HERE // Seventeen HERE // Eighteen HERE 

Sorry for being a bit MIA lately but vacation mode kicked in and everything else got a bit lost. But I'm back home now and have had time to go through the sale of the year. And if you don't know which sale I'm talking about, my guess is that you must have been living under a rock for most of your life (no not really, just kidding).

The early access for Nordstrom Card holders (lucky bastards🙊) has been open for a couple of days now so I'm a bit late to the party. But since I'm Norwegian and I don't have a Nordstrom card, and have to wait until the 21st to shop the sale, I'm actually early with this little roundup. So when the sale is open for everyone I'm at least gonna be prepared and hopefully some of my favorites are still available. 

I'm not a big fan of shopping sales in store; there's always way too many people, the clothes are everywhere (read; not where they're supposed to be i.e on the floor), the changing rooms are a mess and it really just makes me anxious. But online sales I like; I get to look at everything in a calm environment and I don't have to deal with the stress of changing rooms when I've found something I like; I simple put it in my bag and when it arrives I can try it on in that same calm environment I ordered it in.

I think it's easy to get overwhelmed by sales, a specially ones like the Nordstrom one where there are so many good things on sale. But I try to keep a level head and just look for more basic pieces that I'll love and that will work for more than one season. For example I like to buy cashmere on sale because it's something I wear a lot for fall and winter and quality cashmere is usually a bit expensive. I also like to stock up on bras, slips and pyjamas because you can never have enough of these (or maybe you can, but I don't).

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and that you liked my sale picks🌸 
I would love to hear what you are getting/got from the sale! 

Ten years and counting

Jul 8, 2017

Yesterday was the hubby and mines ten year anniversary and in true form our celebration plans got derailed. We were supposed to go to Oslo yesterday  to shop, eat, drink and just have a fabulous time. But of course  that time of the month happened (I know, TMI) and for me that means insanely painful cramps. So the new plan was  leave this morning and pretend that today was our anniversary, but the hubs woke up with a fever, today is not the day either. I don't know wether to laugh or cry at this, because it's just so typical. I know these are things that are out of our control, but still. I'm starting to think that the universe dosen't want us to celebrate (haha). No  really, not really.

Oh well, maybe next week then. 

These last ten years have just flown by, I can't believe it's been this long, it still feels like yesterday was that beautiful summer day in 2007 when we decided to become a couple after dating for about a month. 

Time moves fast when you're having fun, I guess♡
(←The photo on the left is btw one of my favorites; I love the way he's looking at me)

Even though you're weird and you annoy the crap out of me, you still are and always will be my favorite person in the whole world, I love you♥

Currently Coveting - Gray Malin

Jul 5, 2017
Two of hearts HERE // Central Park Ditych HERE // Pool Boys HERE // Set Point HERE // East Hamptons HERE // Pink Beach Club HERE // Central Park HERE // Manhattan HERE // Hitchhiker HERE // Shopping Spree HERE

I discovered this site a couple of months ago and been obsessed ever since. I pretty much love all of their prints, but the ones above are my favorites from their collections.

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE penguins, they’re my favorite animal and my biggest dream is to touch one (seriously). So it comes as no surprise that the one I’m coveting the most is the «Pool Boys» one. I also really want one of New York, but I can’t decide between the ones I picked out, I love all three of them.

Also, the «East Hamptons» and the «Pink Beach Club» would look great in our bedroom.

BONUS TIP: You now get 30% off ALL Aerial Beach Prints (including framing) with the code BEACH30. In other words, if you're thinking about getting a print for your home now is the time to buy.


Down by the ocean

Jul 3, 2017

Dress - Cornelias Hus // Shoes - Converse // Jacket - Karlie Kloss x Express (sold out, similar one here) // Bag - Kate Spade Holden Street Satchel // Sunglasses - RayBan Gradient Aviators

It's been a while since I've taken outfit photos, so bare with me for a I get the hang of things again😇 (and before someone comments or asks; I know I'm not a size 2 and yes I am as pale as I look, and I like it)

Also, now that you see my hair; what do we think? Should I cut it? Should I color it? Or should I just leave it? (this really isn't an option FYI)

Weekly thoughts and reads

Jul 2, 2017

This week has just flown by. On Wednesday my husband finally came home from work. He's away for work two weeks at a time and then home for two weeks, and it's both great and not so great. But now he also has three weeks of vacation  so he is going to be home for 5 (FIVE) weeks. Insert dancing flamenco emoji. 

On Thursday we went to visit my husbands grandmother, who lives on an island called Vega (you should google it; it's beautiful). Some of Josteins cousins were also there and we had such a wonderful time hanging out with them, and of course his wonderful grandmother. 

The weekend was spent visiting my Godson and his brother (who showed me about 346 videos of Ghostbusters, ranging from the original to the lego version), helping my brother with his everlasting housereno and working on our Ikea hack project (which is almost done now...yay).

Now it's time to start packing for next week, as we leave for a vacation on Tuesday. I can't wait for a little change of scenery and some away time with my husband and his family. And on Friday it's our ten year anniversary so I'm hoping Jostein has something special up his sleeve for that day (yes that was a very clear hint for you dear husband).

And now for this weeks reads

Apparently I've been doing everything wrong when it comes to sleeping

My love for Ikea has already been firmly stated on this blog so it can't come as a surprise that I've fallen in love with some new Ikea furniture. I really want to change my current media set up for this one.

This tulle dress from H&M looks so much more expensive, especially in this post by Wendy's lookbook.

My need to cut my hair hasn't gone away and this slideshow of loobs has me craving a new haircut like never before. I really like Emma Stones look.

This polkadot dress is seriously EVERYTHING. I need it in my life, like yesterday.

I'm trying to get more into Pinterest and you can check out my profile here

I really like these standing planters from West Elm, but the shipping cost to Norway is insane! So now I'm thinking I could just make them myself

I hope you all had a great week, and if you're American I hope you have an amazing 4th of July weekend🎉

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