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Jul 2, 2017

This week has just flown by. On Wednesday my husband finally came home from work. He's away for work two weeks at a time and then home for two weeks, and it's both great and not so great. But now he also has three weeks of vacation  so he is going to be home for 5 (FIVE) weeks. Insert dancing flamenco emoji. 

On Thursday we went to visit my husbands grandmother, who lives on an island called Vega (you should google it; it's beautiful). Some of Josteins cousins were also there and we had such a wonderful time hanging out with them, and of course his wonderful grandmother. 

The weekend was spent visiting my Godson and his brother (who showed me about 346 videos of Ghostbusters, ranging from the original to the lego version), helping my brother with his everlasting housereno and working on our Ikea hack project (which is almost done now...yay).

Now it's time to start packing for next week, as we leave for a vacation on Tuesday. I can't wait for a little change of scenery and some away time with my husband and his family. And on Friday it's our ten year anniversary so I'm hoping Jostein has something special up his sleeve for that day (yes that was a very clear hint for you dear husband).

And now for this weeks reads

Apparently I've been doing everything wrong when it comes to sleeping

My love for Ikea has already been firmly stated on this blog so it can't come as a surprise that I've fallen in love with some new Ikea furniture. I really want to change my current media set up for this one.

This tulle dress from H&M looks so much more expensive, especially in this post by Wendy's lookbook.

My need to cut my hair hasn't gone away and this slideshow of loobs has me craving a new haircut like never before. I really like Emma Stones look.

This polkadot dress is seriously EVERYTHING. I need it in my life, like yesterday.

I'm trying to get more into Pinterest and you can check out my profile here

I really like these standing planters from West Elm, but the shipping cost to Norway is insane! So now I'm thinking I could just make them myself

I hope you all had a great week, and if you're American I hope you have an amazing 4th of July weekend🎉

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