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Mar 6, 2018
So, I created this blog in the spring of 2017 because I wanted an outlet for everything pent-up inside me, but I think I jumped the gun a bit and have now decided to delete all my previous blogposts (don’t worry, there weren’t a lot) and start over, yet again.

2017 was not a great year for me, it might actually have been one of the worst years of my life. Everything kinda slowly fell apart, and at the end I wasn’t even sure who I was anymore.

I thought starting this blog would help me figure things out again, but it actually did the opposite. There are so many great bloggers out there and I couldn’t help but compare myself to all these girls with their perfect online lives. Because of that I was trying to be someone that I’m not and wasn’t coming up with original content and writing because I wanted to write. So, the blog eventually became silent. 

Now I’m starting to feel more like myself again and I want this blog to be a reflection of me, of my creativity, my style, my thoughts and my dreams. Everything pent-up inside of me, hence the name.

I’ve always been creative. In my childhood this resulted in a lot of drawing and painting, in my teens it caused me to rearrange my room once a week and dye my hair a different color every other week. And now, as an adult it mostly comes out in my fashion sense and decorating our home. 

I sometimes feel like my head is like an electric grid that just doesn’t stop. Everything and anything can spark something in me, which sometimes drives my husband crazy, especially at 2am when he’s trying to sleep.

So, to prevent driving my husband totally insane or at least a bit less crazy, this will be my outlet.


The blogs layout still looks a bit plain, but I’m working on finding a theme that works for me and gives the blog the look and feel that I want. 

Here's hoping this is the start of something amazing!

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